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AJax Rental & Storage has everything you need in Lewiston, ID for mini storage of your personal or business possessions. We offer different sized spaces, large and small, from the tiniest closet-sized unit up to full-sized rooms that can hold the contents of a four or five bedroom house.

We provide easy access to each unit, both drive up and on foot. Come by and have a look around to see the facilities. We will be happy to give you a no obligation tour.

It’s not as easy as you think to work out just what size mini storage unit you need. Our expert staff is on hand to guide and talk you through what the appropriate type would be for you.

The main things to consider are:
• Do you need to have a path to be able to get to your items in the back of the unit, as this will mean that you need a larger unit to accommodate this?
• Can you stack your items or do you need more floor space?
• Can we totally fill the room or do you need more space to add additional or seasonal items that may be stored later

Once you have made a decision and it’s time to start your packing, we can help provide everything you need to ensure your possessions are packed and wrapped correctly to prevent any damage.

Each customer will be issued their own access code, allowing them to enter AJax Rental & Storage at any time of their choosing. Each unit will also have its own padlock on the door for extra security.

The security of our customers’ mini storage possessions is our top priority. That is why in addition to a lock on the unit door and your own access code, we have security cameras, a security fence, as well as motion detectors.

Whatever your mini storage requirements, we can help. Contact us for availability and prices today!

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