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If you are lucky enough to own an RV, you will know that you need plenty of space to store it when it is not in use. Here at AJax Rental & Storage, we have all the space you need to keep your RV safe and secure.

RVs are not normally used all year round. In an ideal world, the sun would shine every day of the year and you could use your RV 52 weeks of the year. Unfortunately, life isn’t that kind, so perhaps you only use yours in the summer for your main vacation and the odd weekend away. If so, where do you keep it the rest of the time?

Owners of RVs often find that they have the following problems that require they store their RV:
• Their driveway or yard has limited space.
• Their homeowner associations can have covenants that prohibit the parking of large vehicles in a yard or driveway.
• Their municipality has restrictions that prohibit the parking or RVs at residencies.

When choosing AJax Rental & Storage, you can be confident that we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle safe and sound during the off season. With an onsite manager, security manager, security fence and motion detectors, we offer the most secure RV storage facility in the Lewiston, ID area.

So, if you are not lucky enough to have a garage, driveway or yard large enough to accommodate your RV, give AJax Rental & Storage a call. We will talk through your RV storage requirements and give you a no obligation quote. If you want to visit us to have a look around our facilities, we will be only too happy to welcome you.

After your home, your RV is probably your most valuable possession, so it is important that you are confident that it is well looked after. If you are looking for RV storage, give our friendly staff a call today!

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